This movie was created from Digital Camera video clips of a birthday party and Flash titles

There are different services for DVD movies

  1. Transfer from source medium (film, camera, video etc.) to a computer file AVI/Real Media for you to edit (on CD or DVD depends on file size).
  2. Transfer to DVD with minor edits.
  3. Transfer, edit with titles, music and SFX and customer provided narration and music
    to produce a Movie for viewing with a DVD player.

I have a library of Hollywood movie music that fits a lot of scenes.

All of the transfers include one disk and case and artwork.

The prices usually run about:

  1. $.75 a minute
  2. $ 15 per disk
  3. $1.50 a minute

A multi-type disk can be made that has video and a slide show together
and, if you are a musician, some of your songs can be included.

Disks can be made for Domestic (NTSC) or Foreign (PAL) usage.

Slide Shows on disk

Photographs and slides can be put into a slide show with music
and or narration and played in your DVD player or computer.
You will be surprized at how good even bad pictures look on TV.

100 slides on a disk with music about $80.00
Add $10.00 for animated menu.

This is a great way to organize and distribute the
observations of your life to friends and family.

Contact me for more information on the capabilities of DVD production.