I can scan and restore photographs (up to 8x10), slides and negatives
removing scratches, tears and red eyes and then output on disk or print.
Photos can be saved in a format that can be printed at a professional
printing company as large as wanted (poster size).

B&W or color
$10.00 per item

Multiple items cost less ie: 25 pictures would be $150.

Other services available:

Cards: Business and greeting.

Designing: Images/Logo.

Puzzles: Turn an image into a puzzle like the
example above with many pieces or a few.

Animations and Web elements:
Flash, ImageReady, Fireworks, Dreamweaver
These Web pages were designed by me.

PowerPoint Shows: These put your information
into a computer presentation for lectures etc.
The flashBook: for anything imaginable.

Document design with Illustrator, CorelDraw
InDesign, QuarkXpress

Image alteration with PhotoShop

Prices are negotiated for different needs.

If you have something not mentioned here that you need to do
just contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Download my essay on B&W v color.
An example of my photograph restoration process.
mouse over text

The flashBook, a self-contained file that doesn't need a special program to run.

Click on the menu boxes to read

for websites and computers

Play puzzle now or download
(right click - save target as)

SlideShows for Property Managers and Owners
Click on piece and drag to move